Privacy Policy

Term Definition:

“Non Personal Information” is information Locus collects from everyone when accessing our Website through a web browser but is not personally identifiable.

“Personally Identifiable Information” is information Locus collects from our users, including name, phone number, email address, social security number, bank information, birth place, and other information, that is non-public but personally indefinable. We only request necessary information to provide our users products and services.

The use of terms “our” or “us” or “we” is to refer Locus, the owner of this website.

A “Member” defines registered users on our website to receive our tax service.

“Service” includes all tax services Locus provides to our Members

A “Visitor” defines a person who browses our webpage, but has not become our Member

A “User” includes both Members and Visitors

“Content” includes all information, video, audio, images, and data presented on our Website, regardless of the fact it is free or a part of Service provided by us to User

Our Promise to Your Security:

The Privacy Policy lays out what personal information Locus collects from Users, how Locus may share the information, and how Users can limit Locus’ use of that information. Security and privacy of User information is a top priority of Locus. Our work during the filing process makes sure all personal information is secured and creates a convenient experience. Also all Locus affiliates share our commitment in safeguarding User privacy and recognize a need for protection and proper management of Personally Identifiable Information.

Our Partner Network

To provide the best results to our clients, Locus works with other websites. The other websites may express their own privacy policy and terms of use. We claim no responsibility or control for linked websites, and the provided links are solely for Users convenience. Users access those links at their own risk. Locus recommends that Users check privacy policies and terms of use of those websites upon entering. Furthermore, our partner websites may have their own affiliates. Those affiliates are not subject to this Private Policy either, so Users should check their individual policies as well.

Information Locus May Collect

Customers and investors can visit the Website without having to provide any Personally Identifiable Information. However, Locus collects the Internet domain address where our Visitors visit our website from for a data, trend, and statistics analysis purpose.

Upon registration, Locus will store some Personally Identifiable Information including name, address, phone number, social security number, payment information, date of birth, and more. We leave it to Users to provide or not provide certain information; however, the tax filing service requires Locus to acquire all necessary information on behalf of our Members to provide the most accurate tax return service.

Use of Member Information

Personally Identifiable Information is used for both internal purposes and for our Service. The specific use includes organizing Personally Identifiable Information; filling Internal Revenue Service and other government required forms on Members’ behalf; and delivering completed forms to the Internal Revenue Service and other government organizations.

We may contract with our partners to provide certain services for Locus. Those services include credit card processing, computer system services, and secure file sharing. We may provide Personally Identifiable Information to our service partners so Locus can provide an online tax service. However, information shared by our clients will only be used for no other purpose than providing necessary service to Locus.

Upon government agencies or other organizations’ request for investigation, Locus reserves the right to provide collected information to assist the process. Such occasions include protecting against or preventing fraud and unauthorized/ improper transactions; or investigating fraud or improper action that has already taken place. The information will not be provided to the agencies and organizations for promotional or any other purposes.

Lastly, during the transfer of some or all of Locus business assets of our company, Locus generally would transfer customers, Visitors, and Members’ corresponding information. We may also retain a copy of transferred information.

Alternation to Provided Information

Members can update the provided Personally Identifiable Information at any given time through Locus Website. Changeable information includes name, password, email, and address.

If Members desire assistance in updating or deleting their Personally Identifiable Information, send Locus an email with a request.

Opt out option

Locus Members can opt out of any unaffiliated third-party disclosures of their information. Opt-out options may not affect disclosures that are permitted by law. Such exceptions include following: 1) disclosures to affiliates, 2) disclosures to third-party service providers who provide certain services for our business, such as credit card processing, computer system services, shipping, data management, or promotional services, 3) disclosures to third parties as necessary to fulfill your requests, 4) disclosures to governmental agencies or law enforcement departments or otherwise required to be made under applicable law, 5) previously completed disclosures to third parties, or 6) disclosures to third parties in connection with subsequent contests or promotions you may choose to enter, or third-party offers you may choose to accept.

Child’s Privacy Protection

Locus service is not intended to be provided to anyone under the age of 14. Locus claims no liability to verify the users’ age nor do we verify users’ age. If the current Member is under 14, Locus respectfully asks to discontinue the engagement. If a parent or a guardian believes the child is currently engaging with Locus to receive a service, please contact Locus. If Locus confirms that children submitted information, Locus will immediately delete the information to ensure privacy protection.

Email Policy

Locus and its affiliates comply with the federal CAN-SPAM Act. Members are free to unsubscribe to Locus email. Locus will not sell, rent, or trade Members email addresses to any third-party except for our affiliates with permission. Locus takes its privacy policy very seriously, and the email address is no exceptions. Locus limits email communication to three uses: 1) provide an additional channel for customer service, 2) support Members transactions with our affiliates, and 3) inform offers and promotions both from Locus and Locus affiliates.

Security Policy

To ensure high standard of Internet security, Locus has taken extensive measures to build a security and management system equipped with encryption and authentication tools. The Personally Identifiable Information will be encrypted and put behind a firewall before traveling through the cyberspace. It is regretful that no data transmission over the Internet is ever guaranteed of a complete security. However, Locus has installed all industry-standard security measures during the transfers of personal information to guard against loss, misuse, or alternation.

Certain areas of Locus webpage, like comment sections, review forms, are not protected, and Locus advise all Users to refrain from sharing any personal information in those parts of webpage. We claim no duty to monitor public postings containing Personally Identifiable Information.

If choosing to transfer files via emails, Locus recommends Users to use password protected files without stating the password in the same email.

Locus provides an access to secure online upload services to all Members, and Locus highly recommends that all Members to take advantage of the service to protect Personally Identifiable Information.

Other recommendations from Locus: 1) keep your password to Locus website safe, 2) sign off from the account and close the browser window after completing tasks on Locus website, 3) make sure no one gets an access to your personal account especially after sharing the Personally Identifiable Information so avoid filing your taxes in public spaces such as a library or an internet café.

Payment Source Information Usage

In order to purchase products and Service from Locus website, Members need to provide a payment source. Locus outsources billing services to a third-party, thus has no control of payment services. Our close partnership however shares a same vision to keep the payment source information strictly confidential and protect it from unauthorized use.


A cookie is a little piece of data Locus website sends to Users’ computer to be stored on the computer’s hard drive. A Cookie can’t read data from the computer, read other Cookie files, or damage the system. Cookies are used to identify personal patterns on the webpage, so Locus can better design contents to provide a personalized web experience. Most web browsers can block Cookies, but the rejection of Cookie files may interfere with the webpage functionality.

Future Changes to Privacy Policy

Locus will continue to update policies in privacy and security practices. When the updates are made, in whole or in part, Locus will also change the “Last Updated” date at the very top to indicate such changes. Changes are in fact will be effective according to the Last Updated Date. The updated policy will encompass all current and past users and replace any prior policies. If the Privacy Policy is a concern to you, Locus recommends a regular review of the policies.