Your success is our priority, whether you’re looking to build wealth, focusing on maintaining what you have, or working to preserve your family legacy. Our value is based on providing customized wealth management solutions to our clients. The Locus Tax management strives to provide comprehensive solutions for your wealth management needs, focusing on three critical factors:

  • A strong relationship you can depend on – global yet personal
  • Tailored wealth planning and solutions – proven but innovative
  • A team of experienced professionals across multiple disciplines, all working to support your needs – disciplined yet flexible


To manage life’s complexities, you surround yourself with people you depend on, including family members and professional advisors, like an attorney or CPA. The Private Bank strives to be another trusted partner, focusing on your wealth management needs.

Your primary point of contact at The Private Bank is your relationship manager. Having one professional serve as your single point of contact has a dual benefit:

  • You regularly interact with someone who is aware of your current needs.
  • Your relationship manager develops an understanding of your life in order to anticipate your future needs.


Creating a wealth management plan based on your goals and values can help you prepare for a strong financial future. We take the time to get to know you – understanding your current financial situation, family, responsibilities, and goals for the future – then work with you to create a plan that fits your life.


Our full-service team will help tailor a wealth management plan and offer solutions just for you. Your relationship manager will review those products and services on a regular basis and discuss any changes or adjustments that may be necessary based on your changing needs.