What We Do

Our tax professionals deliver a wide range of fully integrated tax services to clients around the world. We draw on deep experience and industry­specific knowledge to deliver clients the insights and innovation they need to maintain compliance and receive all benefits they qualify for.


All U.S. citizens, living within or outside of the country, have to file for a U.S. tax each year. Filing taxes as an expat is difficult with an unfamiliar set of requirements and deductions one may qualify for. The process can be proven even more difficult due to the physical separation and the time difference.

But that is why we provide our service. We are here to help you complete the process seamlessly, and we can handle your taxes with precision in a timely manner. Give a quick read to our tax guidebook and contact us right away with your concerns.

Working Overseas

Taking your talent abroad is an exciting, yet daunting step in life. Overseas contractors are independent contractors. For tax purposes, overseas contractors are considered self-employed. Your unique tax situation becomes even more complicated depending on your company’s status. Are you on an international assignment from an American company, or are you hired by a foreign company at its location?

In any case, we can identify all expense deductions you specifically qualify for; narrow down taxes you are required to pay; and file your expat taxes with the IRS to your satisfaction.

Overseas Contractors

You make complicated decisions on a daily basis for the best interest of your business. Your responsibility now extends beyond your personal ambition- to the organization and to your employees. Tax compliance is a distraction; however, tax implications exist within every decision you make, from the structure of your business to the payment system for your employees.

Even if your business is based 100% outside the U.S., the IRS still may require you to file informational reports. Leave the tax preparation to us and stay compliant.. Focus on your business and its success without tax woe. We will take care of your taxes.


Whether you retired to a remote island community or sought excitement in foreign urban living, the underlying idea is to pursue personal comfort and happiness. In the eyes of the IRS, the source of your income, whether it is foreign or domestic, remains irrelevant. You are still required to report your worldwide income.

Without proper tax filing, your long-term financial plan can face a serious threat with possible back tax payments and penalties. Our goal now is to minimize your U.S. tax payment to help you upkeep your lifestyle. Leave the headache to us. Your life is just a doorstep away.

Retiring Abroad

If you are a foreign national currently living or working in the U.S., you have two sets of tax responsibilities: one in the U.S. for your current income and the other from your home country for any of your savings and investments. Complying with one set of tax obligations is hard enough, but doing so on two separate occasions will quickly amount to an obstacle.

Locus can identify your exact situation, search for requirements, and file your U.S. tax returns. We ensure you will receive all benefits through the deductions and exclusions. Sign up now for your maximum returns!