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Why clients choose LocusTax.

Our easy questionnaire simplifies a complex process.

Our tax engine has been e filing since 1995. You can trust us to protect your private information and maximize your refund with every credit and deduction available.

If it isn't free, you can pay with your refund. That's right, submit without a credit card!


$ 0
The more straightforward your tax situation, the less burden on our tax engine and the less you'll pay. You will qualify for a FREE Federal return in scenarios such as:
  • No children or dependents
  • Earned Income Credit
  • No mortgage deduction


$ 34.95

Life has a way of getting more complicated, and so do your taxes. Our tax engine is working harder now to maximize your deductions and calculate your tax schedules. This is the right product for you if your tax situation includes:
  • Children and dependents
  • Investment income and/or dividends
  • Itemized deductions (real estate, mortgage interest, etc.)


$ 45.95

If you're a freelancer, managing side gigs, or are in full boss mode, our tax engine will be firing on all cylinders to formulate your return. This typically includes, but is not limited to:
  • Self-employment income, business deductions
  • Taxable income over $100,000 and/or partner or shareholder
  • Beneficiary income, and other misc. income sources

Your return makes a difference! A percentage of every dollar supports Rise Against Hunger®, a worldwide charity with the vision of ending hunger in our lifetime.